The Principles Behind My Approach

Establish your goals to promote what's important and build a system that's an on-ramp to success.

Work smarter by identifying the right tools and software for your lifestyle and how best to integrate them. There is no silver bullet, but there are the right tools for the job.

Improve your professional life through more effective communication and reliable interactions. Be the reliable person who gets things done.

Reduce stress by developing a rock-solid task system and freeing your mind for your real goals. Empty your brain of low-value distraction and direct your energy towards what's important.

Organize your time through proper prioritization and compartmentalization. Put what's first, first.

Create and nuture the right habits to turn chaos into stability.

The Way I Work

Connections, not content: I spend my time working with clients on customized approaches instead of blogging and shooting videos. There are plenty of great blogs and channels about productivity out there if you're interested in self-directed study.

Habits, not hacks: I believe that substantive change happens through using tools and methods to build habits. Tips, tricks, and hacks have their place, but they don't drive my approach.

Get out of the way: It's important for me to work with you to take control of your own time without my ongoing involvement. I am most successful when my clients don't need me anymore.

Are You The Right Fit For My Coaching?

The first step in this process is having a clear recognition of problem areas and a willingness to be self-critical. Do you have unfinished plans and unmet goals? Are you always "too busy"? Do you delay the important things in favor of the immediate? Do you let little tasks fall through the cracks? Do simple requests from co-workers, friends, or family cause stress or frustration? If you can identify at least one key area of improvement and be open-minded to change, then this might be right for you.

The second, and most important thing to understand is that change is not immediate and progress is not a straight line upward. Habit-building requires time and repetition. Success doesn't happen daily. What worked today won't always work tomorrow. Changes in life require changes in habits. Patience, focus, and trust in your system are essential.

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