March Newsletter: 2x2

March 29, 2019

It's March and I'm back to my 2x2 format: 200-ish words and two links. Happy Spring!

Two hundred (ish) words

Last month, I wrote a quick snapshot of the tools I use to help me get work done. The grandfather of the group is Evernote. I've been using it for many years, longer than any other tool. It's a great tool because it is incredibly flexible and very simple to use. There are a wide variety of guides, videos, and templates available to customize, jump-start, or organize your note-taking and archiving.

I'm a power-user but I barely use some of the biggest features like notebooks and tagging. When it comes to notes and document archives, I embrace chaos. It took me quite a few years to learn that the benefits of search algorithms and powerful indexes can effectively nullify the need to be a manual archivist for your life. Instead of tagging and organizing documents, emails, and notes, I just dump them in a big bucket. If I feel there's not enough info in the doc to help me find it again later, I might type a quick note to aid search.

Once I dumped the dead-tree view of managing an archive and relied on software to help find the way, I turbocharged my archiving and never looked back, and I've never lost a thing.

Two Links

  • One of my favorite new Evernote features is "Templates" which are exactly what they sound like. Very useful, very simple.

  • Speaking of archives, I highly recommend the YouTube channel "Objectivity", which explores fascinating archived objects.

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