January Newsletter: 2x2

January 17, 2019

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Two hundred (ish) words on password managers

Passwords are deeply flawed for a number of different reasons, but they're not going anywhere, anytime soon. These two facts have spawned new tools like two-factor authentication, fingerprint sensors, and password managers.

Password managers (like 1Password and LastPass) are beginning to come into the mainstream as essential security tools, and they absolutely are, everyone should have one. (What is a password manager?)

Once you get one in place and get over the modest learning curve, a password manager becomes a pretty valuable productivity tool on top of the security benefits. If you live and work online, a login screen can easily become a pothole in your day. Password managers fill those in for you and let you cruise right on by so you don't lose your momentum. New passwords, old passwords, phone, web, wherever....they all just fly right by with a couple keystrokes. No more "forgot password", wait 8 minutes for the reset email, fill out a form, and on and on.

I'm partial to 1Password and it's been helping me cruise through my work for a while. I was thrilled when I learned about it's built-in two factor authentication management. It's a bit of a power-user feature, but it really adds a ton of speed, security, and value.

I think 2019 will be the year of real serious mainstreaming of password managers. I highly recommend you get one in place and learn the basics. It's a small change to your workflow that pays back with dividends.

Two Links

  • Evernote (my digital filing cabinet of choice) jumped into the new year with a productivity challenge which I think it's quite smart. It's not too late to jump in.
  • I am in love with this essay on the importance of rejecting extreme productivity and embracing solitude and idleness: "Productivity isn’t about getting more things done, rather it’s about getting the right things done, while doing less."

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