December Newsletter: 2x2

December 15, 2018

Welcome to my first monthly newsletter. My promise to you (and myself) is that this will only be published once a month and it will always be concise. This month's format is "2x2: Two hundred words and two links". If it works, I'll stick with it.

Two hundred (ish) words

I've been asked a lot of questions since I started publicizing my business this past month. The most common question has been "Do you use a prescribed system for your coaching or do you take a customized approach?" My short answer is "The latter. Customized." My longer answer is:

Prescribed systems make a lot of assumptions about their audience, which is why they're often applied in books, courses, or seminars. They are presented to the broadest possible audience with the goal of reaching a reasonable percentage of them. If those people have a positive experience, a network effect can start to take place and the book/course/seminar will gain traction. This is a reasonable approach and has worked for a number of experts. If most of your audience leaves your book on the shelf or only watches half of your videos, there's still the other half of the audience to work on.

When working one-on-one, you need a 100% success rate. You can't let your customers disconnect. To do that, each person needs an approach that works with their needs, their lifestyle, and their own personality. The system gets created during the learning process. It gets modified as I learn more about my clients. This is the key benefit of one-on-one coaching vs broad published systems.

Two Links

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